London Experience

Your free time in London

Enjoy your free time in London

At BSC London Central a social programme is organised at the beginning of each month. The programme is run with a team of teachers and helps you get to know other students and members of staff and enjoy everything that the fascinating city of London has to offer! Some of the activities are free and others may cost between £3 and £10 (£25-45 for day trips and £125-229 for longer excursions).

Trips in the UK

Day Trips to some of the most popular cities in the UK. Regular "Weekend Trips Abroad" are also organised during the summer and on request. There are a number of outings to the major London attractions. You can also visit the very best of London's museums and galleries.


There are "Pub Nights", where students gather up for a drink, as well as other fun nighttime activities. Take advantage of London's nightlife; although the last underground is at approximately 12 midnight, London stays open throughout the night. There are regular night buses from Trafalgar Square to take you to most parts of London.


You can make regular visits to some well-known shopping centres in the capital, traditional London markets and occasionally larger shopping complexes.

At BSC London Central, the high quality standards are assured by the following organizations:

Accredited by the EnglishUK - British Council - ALTO