Online course

Online course

Make the most of your language course abroad by getting started before departure! If you wish to refresh or improve your English from the comfort of your home before going on your language stay, the online courses offered by BSC are an excellent option.

These new courses are very useful if you need to achieve a minimum level to enter a specific course, and are a fantastic complement to "traditional" on-site courses.

Individually or within a group of maximum 4 students, you will enjoy a high-quality online preparation course with authentic and interactive materials. Some courses may be tailored to fulfill the student's specific needs, but they are usually divided in 10 blocks (2 hours per week during 5 weeks) and start 6 weeks prior to the start of the course in the UK.

Apart from the lessons, in which you will interact with your teacher and with students from around the world (if you choose the group option), you will be given access to "myBSC", a learning platform with a large variety of content and self-study material that you can use whenever suits you best.

Lessons per week: 2
Course start: 6 weeks prior to the start of the on-site course
Course levels: Intermediate and above
Duration: 5 weeks
Age group: 16 +

Sample course schedule

Online course
Time Monday and Wednesday / Tuesday and Thursday
18:00-18:50 (GMT time) English lesson (via Skype)

At BSC London Central, the high quality standards are assured by the following organizations:

Accredited by the EnglishUK - British Council - ALTO