Prepare your English

Before you come to London we advise you to...

  • Listen to English - spend some time every day or week listening to English on TV, radio or videos.
  • Bring with you: a small English bi-lingual dictionary, a good English-English learners' and a portable radio player.
  • Read English magazines, newspapers or language learning magazines - or read a favourite book in English.
  • Decide what you need to practise and what you need to learn during your stay in England.
  • Plan your time in England... youwill need time to practise your English informally, but also time to do your homework, revise and organise your notes.
  • Learn some useful phrases for when you first arrive.
  • Learn some facts and figures about your own country, city and culture - other students will be interested to hear about it from you in English.
  • If this is your first visit to London, get a guide book - studying this will make it easier for you when you get here.

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